University Award Certificates

All students completing their awards in June/July should receive a certificate by the end of September.

Students completing at other times of the year can expect to receive their certificates within 6 weeks of receiving formal notification in writing of their award.

Replacement Certificates

If you graduated after 1992 a replacement certificate will cost £50.00. To request a replacement certificate you can write to Examinations who will provide the necessary forms or (PDF)download a replace certificate request form.

If you graduated prior to 1992 please contact us: information-point@staffs.ac.uk


All graduating students will receive a transcript of modules studied, listing individual grades, with their award certificate.

If you graduated in 1998 or later

Copies of transcripts for students that graduated in 1998 or later will be charged as per the Information Point charges for the current academic year.

Please download the (PDF)transcript request form (PDF, file size: 64.96KB) , or you can contact us directly on +44 (0)1782 294573 or email information-point@staffs.ac.uk

If you graduated before 1998

It is not always possible to provide a full transcript to students who graduated earlier than 1998 as module details and marks were not recorded electronically prior to this date. For students who studied before 1998 we will need to search for your records in our archives. There will be a charge of £12.00 per transcript copy.

Please note that records may be incomplete or missing from the archive and in cases such as this we are unable to provide a transcript. However, we can confirm the period of study and award gained in a letter.

It is highly unlikely we would be able to supply transcript information for students who graduated in 1990 or earlier.

For pre-1998 transcript enquiries please contact: information-point@staffs.ac.uk

Information Point (Cadman)
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t: +44 (0)1782 294573

Information Point (Brindley)
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