Graduate Stories

We are proud of our alumni and love to hear what Staffordshire graduates go on to do after leaving the University. Our former students are making a difference around the world in a wide range of fields – you can meet some of them in the profiles below or click here to watch some testimonials and see why our graduates are #ProudToBeStaffs.

You can also can click here to read what our students get up to in the first year following graduation.

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Computing and Digital Technologies
Creative Arts and Engineering
Health and Social Care
Law Policing and Forensics
Life Sciences and Education
Staffordshire Business School
  • Abbie Dagg her graduation ceremony
    Abbie Dagg
  • Adam Yates
    Adam Yates
  • Alan Evans
  • Alex Allday standing with her exhibition
    Alex Allday
  • Alex Bekker
  • Alex Mazey
  • Alfie Latifaj profile picture
    Alfie Latifaj
  • Amanda Brooke
  • Amy Clowes
    Amy Clowes
  • Amy Foster in a meeting
    Amy Foster
  • Amy Basford
  • Anamaria Bobos
  • Andrew Gregson
    Andrew Gregson
  • Andrew Milne
  • Andrew Taylor Profile Picture
    Andrew Taylor
  • Andrew Triggs Hodge
    Andrew Triggs Hodge
  • Andy Chick profile photo
    Andy Chick
  • Andy Cooke
    Andy Cooke
  • Andy Hargraves head shot photograph
    Andy Hargraves
  • Andy Morrell
  • anna ljungberg profile picture
    Anna Ljungberg
  • Annemarie Thomas profile picture
    Annemarie Thomas
  • Annette Shipley profile picture
    Annette Shipley
  • Awaiss Mirza Profile Picture
    Awaiss Mirza
  • ben and mike dyer profile picture
    Ben and Mike Dyer
  • ben_hunter profile picture
    Ben Hunter
  • Ben Lowe profile picture
    Ben Lowe
  • Caitlin Donaldson
  • Calvin Ip profile picture
    Calvin Ip
  • Carl Yates profile picture
    Carl Yates
  • Cat Hayes profile picture
    Cat Hayes
  • Charis Jones profile picture
    Charis Jones
  • Charlotte Elizabeth profile picture
    Charlotte Elizabeth
  • Charlotte Orphanau profile picture
    Charlotte Orphanau
  • Cherry Storr
  • Chloe McCormick Graduation
    Chloe McCormick
  • Chris Austin second profile picture
    Chris Austin
  • Chris Boulton
    Chris Boulton
  • Chirs Hood profile picture
    Chris Hood
  • Christopher Nixon
  • Chris Yates
  • Dan Crooks
  • Dan Knowles profile picture
    Dan Knowles
  • Daniel Horton
    Daniel Horton
  • Daniel Ward Profile Image
    Daniel Ward
  • Darren Neeld second profile picture
    Darren Neeld
  • David Bailey profile photo
    David Bailey
  • David Comber Profile Picture
    David Comber
  • David Johnson in a meeting
    David Johnson
  • David Milburn Profile Picture
    David Milburn
  • David Whitehouse
  • Del Shemar profile picture
    Del Shemar
  • Delwyn Gibbon profile picture
    Delwyn Gibbon
  • Duncan Wilson profile picture
    Duncan Wilson
  • Emma Jones
    Emma Jones
  • Fayyaz Afzal profile picture
    Fayyaz Afzal
  • Fleur Robinson profile picture
    Fleur Robinson
  • Fuwad Abrar profile picture
    Fuwad Abrar
  • Geoff Sanders
  • Georgina Newton
  • Giorgia Perini profile picture
    Giorgia Perini
  • Glenn Lightbody
  • Gwyn Cole Profile Image
    Gwyn Cole
  • Haisu (Harry) Liu profile picture
    Haisu (Harry) Liu
  • Harriet Rhodes profile picture
    Harriet Rhodes
  • Helier Bissell-Thomas
  • gradute Jack Haynes in his business
    Jack Haynes
  • Jakub Racinowski profile pic
    Jakub Racinowski
  • James Nuttall profile Picture
    James Nuttall
  • James thomas profile picture
    James Thomas
  • Jamie Hill profile photo
    Jamie Hill
  • Jamie Smith profile photograph
    Jamie Smith
  • Jessica Laramy
    Jessica Laramy
  • Joel Townsend profile picture
    Joel Townsend
  • Jonathon MacAllan
  • Jonathan Pace
  • Josie Hornby
    Josie Hornby
  • Juliet Conlin Profile Picture.
    Juliet Conlin
  • Julijanta Gunawan
  • Kai Longshaw
  • Kate Fenton profile picture
    Kate Fenton
  • Kayleigh Sheppard profile picture
    Kayleigh Sheppard
  • keith hill
    Keith Hill
  • kieran-connolly
    Kieran Connolly
  • Kulwant Singh Boora profile photograph
    Kulwant Singh Boora
  • Laura Allen
  • Laura Maddocks Graduation Photo
    Laura Maddocks
  • Leanne Hughes profile picture
    Leanne Hughes
  • Lee Buckley profile picture
    Lee Buckley
  • Lee Deaville second profile picture
    Lee Deaville
  • Liz Fletcher
  • lloyd de boltz-miller profile picture
    Lloyd de Boltz Miller
  • Malcolm Harris
    Malcolm Harris
  • Marc Shelkin profile picture
    Marc Shelkin
  • Marie Lewis
    Marie Lewis
  • Mark Blackhurst
  • Martin Garland with Mars Rover
    Martin Garland
  • Mary Barnard profile picture
    Mary Barnard
  • Matt Grayson profile picture
    Matt Grayson
  • Matt Roach profile picture
    Matt Roach
  • Megan Smith
  • Mike Lawton
  • Natalie Cooke
  • Nick Peng
  • Nicole Williamson
    Nicole Williamson
  • Nigel Meadows
  • Nigel Tordoff
    Nigel Tordoff
  • Nina Davies
  • Patrick Ellis Profile Image
    Patrick Ellis
  • Paul Cheetham
    Paul Cheetham
  • Phil Smith
  • Philip Shaw Profile Picture
    Philip Shaw
  • Rachel Stokes Profile Picture
    Rachel Stokes
  • Ravi Sibal
  • Ray celebrating on his graduation day
    Ray Thorley
  • Rich Edwards
  • Richard Eldridge profile picture
    Richard Eldridge
  • Richard Lewis profile picture
    Richard Lewis
  • Rob Bryson
  • Rob Fenton
    Rob Fenton
  • Roxanne Nicholls Profile Picture
    Roxanne Nicholls
  • Sam O'Brien
  • Sarah Clinton
  • Sam and Nicole profile picture
    Sam Robertson and Nicole Cronin
  • Scott Latimer
  • Serena Khalil profile picture
    Serena Khalil
  • Shib Hussain
  • Simon Cohen profile picture
    Simon Cohen
  • Simon Nee
  • Simon Whitehouse
    Simon Whitehouse
  • Sophie Piedallu Profile Picture
    Sophie Piedallu
  • Stuart Butler
  • suzzanne snowden profile picture
    Suzanne Snowden
  • Tim Alcock
  • Tina Varley profile picture
    Tina Varley
  • Wayne Foster profile pic
    Wayne Foster
  • Yuka Kikumoto portrait
    Yuka Kikumoto


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