Annual Fund

We are proud of our education heritage and our track record of support to students, organisations and industries.

Our mission is to transform people and communities. To help us achieve this, we have launched the Annual Fund.

Supporting the student


Students, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, benefit from bursaries that alleviate hardship.  For those considering taking up their place, an offer of a bursary may be the decider between them going into Higher Education or not, and for those already in Higher Education it can mean the difference between completing their studies or not.

Example: An undergraduate finds themselves in financial difficulties, they are unable access any more government funding and their family are not in a position to help.  Without financial support they are unable to continue their studies and withdraw.


A financial award made to a student on the basis of academic performance to help meet academic fees, course and research expenses. Scholarships attract and retain students with high grades that assist the University with raising entry standards and associated benefits of improved retention and higher degree classifications, and by extending the University’s Research portfolio.

Example: PhD students.  There are no Student England loans for PhD students doing vital research into such areas as Dementia Research, yet their research is crucial to helping to create the future through discovery.


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