Why does my line manager not appear on My View?


I have a question regarding ‘MyView’.  According to the description on the Home page, ‘My Section Planner’ should allow me to view leave details of team members in my section.  However the team leader is not on the list.

Why is this?


You are correct in that the ‘My Section Planner’ within ‘My View’ allows you to view leave details of colleagues within your section, and at the moment the team leader or line manager does not appear on this screen. 

This is related to system functionality within ‘My View’ and has been raised with our software provider with a view to having this amendment considered in the future.

Can staff be informed when a pay rise is applied?


Is it possible for staff to receive notification when the Pay Rise is applied and when they have progressed up a spine point?

I find it quite strange that these things happen automatically without staff being made aware of their new salary amount.

Also, when will the new pay scales document be released?


Thank you for raising this matter.  Going forward we are now be able to notify everyone via the RSS feeds during the month that a pay award is to be applied.  The pay award review date is 1 August but we appreciate that it has not always been agreed for implementation in that month.

Increments are payable, if members of staff have not reached the maximum of the grade, on 1 August each year and at the moment we do not advise individuals of this change in salary. We will give some consideration as to whether we can do this electronically going forward.

Pay scales from 1 August 2010 are on the web site under remuneration.

Would it be possible to plant a wildlife area?


I am based at the Stafford campus and would like to ask:

Would it be possible to plant a wildlife area  – there is a lot of grass around the site which is cut short. This is now considered to be environmentally unfriendly and very old fashioned.  If we let the grass grow longer, or planted meadow grass etc it would be much nicer to look at and nicer to the environment . We could even have bees!

Many universities, in their prospectus, now promote their wildlife areas and their commitment to encouraging nature (eg: Warwick, Hull) . I think students would enjoy the space more if it were a little wilder and natural looking, and I think it would be a selling point!

Also, there is room for ‘nature walks’ to be designed  ….

Hope you consider this suggestion.


The grass at our Stafford campus is cut short as this is required for the type of landscape design we have.  Whilst we have plans to change the layout of some car parks and carry out landscaping works, we have not, at this stage, considered areas of meadow grass. 

However, following your suggestion we will engage the landscape designers to consider initiatives that, where feasible, enhance biodiversity.   One of these will be your suggestion of allowing the grass to grow longer, providing this does not cause too many problems from a grounds maintenance perspective.  Furthermore, to encourage biodiversity we have commenced several green wall projects at the Stoke campus and will plan to incorporate these at Stafford too in partnership with the Science faculty.

Are there any updates on staff benefits?


Following up on my “Ask Exec” question from last year – have there been any updates on the guide to staff benefits that was due early this year?


Thank you for getting back in touch with regards to your original question, What benefits or discounts are staff entitled to?

Over the past few months, University Induction has undergone a series of revisions to ensure that staff have access to key resources and information.  Employment benefits have been looked at with this in mind, and we are now happy to announce the new Induction Guide can be found on the website within the Steps to Success booklet

The information specifically about staff benefits can be found on Page 27 of this guide.

Are the ceiling tiles in Thompson ever going to be replaced?


Are the ceiling tiles ever going to be replaced in the T1 IT cluster ground floor Thompson library?

Students (customers) have to endure the sound of flushing toilets directly above their heads for several months. I’d guess that wasn’t giving a ‘great’ impression of our institution?


We are arranging for the ceiling tiles to be replaced within the Thompson Library as soon as possible as these should have been replaced originally. 

We apologise for the delay in doing so and will ensure in future that when tiles are removed, they are replaced promptly.

Is more security needed in the Cadman building?


I have a question about the security in the Enquires Centre in Cadman Building, College Road. This is an open office which members of the public are actively invited in to ask for course information and whilst most visitors are absolutely fine, on occasions, this open door policy has led to a few unsavory characters coming in. I have been in the office when people under the influence of alcohol have been talking to staff, and I have also witnessed one female member of staff being harassed by a male visitor.

It has occurred to me on a recent visit that there are no security provisions such as CCTV or panic alarms in case something does happen and help is required. Could this be looked at? It is understandable that we want to create an environment in which prospective customers feel welcome, but the safety of staff must also be taken into consideration.


We are proposing to make more changes to the Cadman Building Including revisions to the Enquiries Centre which should create a reception point to improve facilities for people making enquires and also improve the security for people on reception. 

We will also review security provisions as necessary to ensure that neither staff nor visitors are put at risk in future.

When will staff get their voicemail service?


It is now 6 months since we were told this was going to happen…. (Can staff have a voicemail service?)

Please provide a date for when it will occur.


Investment proposals have recently been submitted which will allow the commencement of the next phase of the roll out the new IP Telephony system, including voicemail.

It has been requested that priority be given to new builds and refurbished areas in consultation with other areas of the Institution.  The complete replacement programme will take until 2013 to fully complete.

Are there any plans to join EduRoam?


Are there any plans for Staffordshire University to join EduRoam, thus letting visitors from other universities etc access to our network?


Visitors from other universities with their own laptop can contact 3800 or one of the IT helpdesks to request a guest account, which will provide access to the University wireless network.

An evaluation of the EduRoam service is currently underway which may result in this service being offered in the future.

Why do I have to sign-in to access Cadman out-of-hours?


Why, in a time when we have these fancy new staff ID cards, do we need to fill in a bit of paper at the entry desk of Cadman to gain access to the building? I often start work at 7 or 7:30am on some days and find it odd how I have to ‘sign-in’  while I have an ID card round my neck? Surely a 6am cut off for sign-ins (for staff at least) would be beneficial?

Remember that I can get into most other buildings this early with no challenge! Is this simply a badly thought out or unrevised policy of the security contractor we use? It needs changing to reflect the flexible working hours that most of us work to.


Information Services manages the reception to Cadman and we wish to maintain the corporate position of not distinguishing between staff and students during “self service opening hours”. This ensures that all users of the building are treated the same and the procedure is clear for the security staff – anyone wishing to access the building during these hours is required to show their ID card and to sign in.

It is our intention eventually to have a swipe card access system, removing the need for this paper based approach.

Could catering offer more during the Easter hols?


Regarding Food outlet Easter vacation opening hours, is it possible for the same choices to be offered as during term-time? 

I realise there’s not so many people around and I hate food going to waste, but the soup had sold out in the Pavilion by time I went for my lunch at 1pm and there was none in DolcheVita.  I seem to remember during previous holiday periods only half a pot being available, which seems a bit mean if there’s only one on offer.


Many thanks for your feedback.  We will endeavour to look at our overall sales analysis over the Easter break to assess what options sold in the various outlets.

Soup was quite obviously a very popular choice so we will make a note of this and look at providing a greater quantity throughout lunchtimes during vacation.