Do we still have to pay for membership to use the Sports Centre?


I have been reading the Steps to Success document that has been issued.

On page 20 it states under the title ‘Helping You to Stay fit and Healthy’:

‘From free membership of our on-campus health and fitness facilities, to discounted health club membership, we offer all sorts of ways to help you enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle’.

Can you confirm which membership is free for the campus health and fitness facilities?

I know we have to pay for membership, has something changed??


With regards to the query regarding staff use of Sir Stanley Matthews and Beaconside Sport Centres the facilities at both centres are available not only to University students but also to University staff and members of the public. 

Staff are ‘free to use’ the facilities but the facilities are not ‘free of charge to use’.  However, discounted rates are available for staff and students at both centres.  Please contact our reception at Stoke (ext4124) or Stafford (ext3286) for full details, alternatively email or

In addition our 3 price levels are:
1. Public
2. University staff/Over 60s/Alumni/Students Elsewhere
3.  Staffs University Students

Did Exec know what they were to be asked at EQT?


I really enjoyed the recent Executive Question Time event but have to wonder whether or not the panel knew which questions they were going to be asked beforehand?


All questions were supplied by members of staff, either before the event anonymously or during  via a live email feed.  All of the questions used at the event were selected by Communications Manager Judy O’Brien and Senior Lecturer Gary Hudson, who worked together to choose some questions in advance in order to structure the event.

The Executive panel were not part of this process and did not know what any of the questions were going to be ahead of the event.  This was a bold next step in our two-way communications with staff and a brave experiment which seems to have gone very well!

The stream can still be found at the following location:
Please can staff be aware that they may be prompted to enter log on details before they can view the stream – please use your normal PC log in username/password (username in the format ‘staff\abc1’) to do this.

Please note that any questions that were not used during the event will now be placed on this channel over the coming weeks and in the meantime we welcome any feedback or suggestions for the next Executive Question Time.

Will Awards Week move away from Trentham Gardens?


I’m very much looking forward to graduation this year at Trentham Gardens, especially  this year, (subject to the award board)  I will be collecting my Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (DTLLS) award. 

Do the executive team have any plans to move future graduation ceremonies away from Trentham Gardens?


This year will be the first Graduation Week that our new Vice-Chancellor, Professor Michael Gunn, has attended since taking up his post. Naturally, Michael will want to see how Trentham Gardens works out for himself before considering any changes for the future.

Obviously the University has to be mindful of how its uses its resources and the Awards Planning Team constantly strive to ensure best value for money. For instance we retendered for the marquees this year and made a considerable saving on previous years.

We will keep you updated of any changes down the line, thank you.

With free badminton for staff now finished – can we have more promotions?


Hi Executive,

We have been enjoying (twice now), free lunchtime Badminton for Staff & Students in the Sir Stanley Matthews Sports Centre.

We were told today that this perk for Staff had come to an end (it’s still free for Students). As far as I can tell it has been running for a total of two weeks.

Please could this be reinstated & better publicised, as it was a good way for our staff to be social motivated at lunchtimes with the help of exercise.

Many thanks.   


The Sports Centres on both the Stafford and Stoke campuses do not currently run free badminton sessions for staff however, in light of the request, the following ‘Be Active this Summer’ promotions will now run at both Sports Centres specifically for Staffordshire University staff:

Sports Hall
From July 1st to August 31st
Between the hours of 12-2pm Mon to Fri we will offer free use of the sports hall for badminton on a ‘turn up at the time’ basis. If the hall is available then University staff will be able to book a court for an hour for free.
If, however staff wish to pre book a court to ensure their booking then normal price will be applied.

Gym Usage
From July 1st to August 31st
Both Sports Centres will be offering ONE month gym memberships for ONLY £15. (These can be taken out at any point during the promotion dates)  These memberships will also include a Free Fitness Test worth up to £7.00. Please note that these memberships will only allow access to the gyms between the hours of 7.00am to 6.00pm.

Is there a code of conduct for staff regarding appearance?


I was just wondering if the university had any sort of code of conduct in place on acceptable appearance for work? For example – visible piercings, visible tattoos, hairstyles etc?


The University must at all times present a professional business like image, reflecting  our role in promoting education services to our students and customers. 

All staff must therefore present a smart and professional image of the University, through their choice of clothing. In addition, some staff roles have specific health and safety obligations upon their appearance at work.

Will interest free loans for bus travel be introduced?


Good Morning,

I have recently read about the opportunity to purchase yearly rail tickets by means of an interest free loan.  Are there any plans to expand this offer to include bus travel?


Thank you for getting in touch.  The answer, in short, is yes!  Estates are beginning discussions with the First Group Staffordshire and South Cheshire to offer a similar interest free loan for bus travel, subject to funding.  The scheme is likely to offer a loan for the purchase of a FirstYear card which offers unlimited travel throughout Staffordshire and South Cheshire. Following this, other smaller local bus operators may be approached, subject to demand.

Are there any more lighting improvements planned?


There has been some new lighting installed in the corridor outside our office (BL167) and it is really good, will this be extended to the offices/classroooms?


The lighting was improved by increasing the number of fittings, because there is a ramp in this part of the corridor which had been identifed as being inadequately illuminated.

We are looking at a number of the existing light fittings further along the corridor to ensure that they are clean and working correctly.

Does the RSS ticker slow down my computer?


I have heard some colleagues complain that the RSS ticker tape causes their computer to slow right down, however, I do not seem to encounter any problems.  Could you please explain how it works and whether or not it really does slow down our computers?


The RSS Ticker  is a light-weight application and as such does not use up a lot of memory or CPU. If there is a delay on PC start up this can be a number of other processes such as anti-virus scans, Windows updates and asset management processes all starting at the same time – rather than the ticker itself.

Should staff be including work mobile numbers on the directory?


Increasing numbers of staff have University provided mobile devices, specially mobile phones and blackberry devices.  In the current age, many people are mobile in the way they work, and can regularly be out of the university for many days.

Where an individual is provided with a university funded mobile phone, would it be possible to include the numbers for these devices on the University address book?

Presently the system is voluntary for people to add this number to their staff profile, and virtually nobody does it. What is the university policy on this?


You are correct in that adding a University funded mobile device to the staff directory is an optional feature when updating your individual record.  We appreciate that in the circumstances you describe, access to a mobile number may be helpful and there is no intention to restrict access to these numbers. 

Staff, however, are not encouraged to add in their mobile details to the directory as the number would not be confined for internal use, but would be available to anyone accessing the web.  The result of this open access to mobile phone numbers could  result in a risk of ‘spam’ or unwanted texts and phone calls being received by the member of staff. 

Members of staff who have University mobiles are, however, encouraged to include the number in their email signature.