Did Exec know what they were to be asked at EQT?


I really enjoyed the recent Executive Question Time event but have to wonder whether or not the panel knew which questions they were going to be asked beforehand?


All questions were supplied by members of staff, either before the event anonymously or during  via a live email feed.  All of the questions used at the event were selected by Communications Manager Judy O’Brien and Senior Lecturer Gary Hudson, who worked together to choose some questions in advance in order to structure the event.

The Executive panel were not part of this process and did not know what any of the questions were going to be ahead of the event.  This was a bold next step in our two-way communications with staff and a brave experiment which seems to have gone very well!

The stream can still be found at the following location:
Please can staff be aware that they may be prompted to enter log on details before they can view the stream – please use your normal PC log in username/password (username in the format ‘staff\abc1’) to do this.

Please note that any questions that were not used during the event will now be placed on this channel over the coming weeks and in the meantime we welcome any feedback or suggestions for the next Executive Question Time.