Can departmental structure be displayed on the website?


I was wondering if there was anywhere on the Staffordshire University website that shows the structures of each Department? 

Having previously worked in Bentley they had an intranet site and you could look up every department and view the structures and everyone’s photograph with their job title.   I think this could be a useful tool.


Thank you for your e mail. We are currently in the process of compiling organisational charts for all areas of the university, in the same format, at two points within the year.

It is planned that these will be available at some point on the website to provide an overview of the University – we had originally intended this to help with the induction of new staff, but recognise your important point that it would also be very helpful for existing staff.

We will therefore think again, where this information can most usefully be located on the website and how much detail we will illustrate. Thank you for this suggestion.

Could staff access gym membership at the same cost as students?


As far as I am aware, if anyone purchases an annual membership to the gym, they can use the facilities whenever they choose, so being a member of staff is of no benefit at all to this.

May I suggest that it would be really useful if members of staff received gym membership for the same cost as Staffs University students. When I undertook at course here, as I had a student card, I was able to take advantage of the reduced cost of annual membership.  However, now that I no longer have a Staffs Uni student card, annual membership is about £60 more, and so consequently I have not renewed my membership.
Will the Executive consider allowing staff to access membership at the same cost as students?


The current pricing policy at the Sports Facilities does offer a significant subsidy in relation to staff memberships when compared with our public prices and in relation to our student rate, staff are paying less than £2.00/week more for an annual membership which includes the fitness suite, fitness classes and at BSC-Stafford, a sauna.

We also offer several payment options in order to help facilitate activity participation by University staff.

In addition to this we run special offers during the year both in support of National events and University lead events – Eg Health and Wellbeing events.

We are confident that the University Sports Facilities offer excellent value for money for all our customers and presently have no plans to change the current price structure.

Can we be notified in advance when car park spaces are to be reduced please?


Is it possible to have some pre-warning that car parking spaces on campus will be coned off – and how much space will be? 

For example, today the front set of car parking spaces on College Road had been coned off (I presume for Clearing visitors?), which combined with the work going on around the back of the College Road site meant that there were no spaces available before 9am!
Not only would this information be helpful directly to staff, but it could then be passed onto any visitors we expect to visit campus.


 We had intended to issue an RSS feed explaining the revised temporary car parking arrangements but we were working on actually making the arrangements until 17.30 last night.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused but the changes were necessary to accommodate the Clearing operations which commenced this morning.

For any future changes we will ensure that a communication is sent in time.

Would lowering sports facility costs during summer increase useage?


Would it be a good idea to lower the cost of hiring the sports facilities over the quiet summer months to encourage extra use and to make it more accessible for groups with low numbers?

For example, hiring one of the football pitches is £20p/h, not a problem if there are lots of people.  But during the summer if you can’t get as big a group together it can be quite expensive. A 50% reduction in cost during July and August would help encourage staff to use the facilities. Getting £10p/h is better than nothing.


Thank you for your suggestion re. our pricing policy of the pitch facilities during the summer months.

In past years we have reduced the price of the outdoor facilities in order to try and increase utilisation but unfortunately the impact was minimal. We will in response to your request review our current pricing policy in order to see if we can implement a ‘reduced’ price in the future.