Can departmental structure be displayed on the website?


I was wondering if there was anywhere on the Staffordshire University website that shows the structures of each Department? 

Having previously worked in Bentley they had an intranet site and you could look up every department and view the structures and everyone’s photograph with their job title.   I think this could be a useful tool.


Thank you for your e mail. We are currently in the process of compiling organisational charts for all areas of the university, in the same format, at two points within the year.

It is planned that these will be available at some point on the website to provide an overview of the University – we had originally intended this to help with the induction of new staff, but recognise your important point that it would also be very helpful for existing staff.

We will therefore think again, where this information can most usefully be located on the website and how much detail we will illustrate. Thank you for this suggestion.