Can we have an update about the public sector pay freeze please?


In the Spending Review Framework June 2010 regarding Public Sector Pay ~ section 2.18, it was decided that a two year pay freeze would be introduced from 2011-12 for public sector workforces, except for those earning £21,000 or less, and they will receive an increase of at least £250 a year. 

Can you please update us on this, as we have heard nothing at all regarding this.


Pay negotiations for the University sector are negotiated nationally with UCEA (Universities and Colleges Employers Association) and Trade Unions.  The final offer that has been made on behalf of employers via UCEA is £150.00 to be applied to each salary point. This is currently being consulted on/considered by trade unions.

The Government’s public sector pay policy which refers to anyone on or under £21000, we have been advised by UCEA is not applicable to Higher Education Institutions and has not formed part of the final pay offer made by UCEA and put to the unions nationally.