When will the Winton Square car park open?


Can you advise when Winton Square car park is likely to re-open and if will we still be able to park at the back of Henrion?


The landscaping works should be completed this weekend and the contractor should therefore be able to clear the site next week and allow cars access to the parking area to the rear of Winton Square. There will be a few less parking spaces behind Henrion because of the landscaping that we have just installed

Why have cleaning staff been cut?


Can I just ask why cleaning staff have been cut at the Brindley.

A few years ago we used to have 2-3 staff on each floor, now we have 1 cleaning lady.  How can this person be expected to clean the whole floor.  Also what about the windows, I don’t remember the last time the windows were cleaned both inside and out.

There are so many people now going off with colds etc, and I think this could be in consequence of rooms not being spring cleaned properly.  I am not getting at the cleaning staff as they are expected to do too much in the limited time they are here. 

How can Management justify cutting down on cleaning staff?  What sort of image is created at Staffordshire University by visitors and students of dirty windows etc.


The Estates team constantly review our cleaning operation to make sure that we are both effective and efficient.  There have been some changes in all buildings, including the type of cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions that we use. 

One of these changes has been the introduction of a small team of afternoon and evening cleaners so that we can respond to business activity more appropriately.
Windows are cleaned periodically, using a specialist external contractor and the Brindley building is scheduled to be included in the next round.

When will the senior University appointments be announced?


On Monday September 26th in his VC’s Blog, the Vice Chancellor announced that:

‘We have made an appointment to the Director of Marketing and Public Relations which will be announced very soon’.

On Monday October 10th, the Vice Chancellor also wrote in his blog that:

‘On Tuesday [4th October], we went through the process of appointing a new Academic Registrar and Dean of Students. We will make an announcement very soon’.

Yet so far, neither of the appointments to these posts have been announced. Do we know when the appointments will be made public please?


Thank you for your e-mail. We are planning to announce next week, when we hope to have received back the signed contracts from both the individuals.

In the meantime, references have been received and start dates agreed – so we will be able to announce both names and start dates very shortly. Thank you for your continued interest.

Why has the student discount in unversity eating areas been removed?


I would like to ask why the student discount (No VAT upon showing of their student card) for purchasing food/drinks in the Dolce Vita and The Terrace has been removed? So now everyone pays the same, i.e. extortionist prices!!

There was a price increase at the beginning of the semester and now this?  No wonder the place is always empty..


We have now introduced a clear single pricing structure, which is easier for customers to understand and follows best practice within the HE  and educational sector. This has resulted in student prices rising on average by 6% (food inflation is currently 6%) to ensure we are charging enough for the VAT to be covered by both student and staff purchases. 

We also absorbed the increase in VAT in January to 20% (products such as crisps and coke attract VAT for all users). We have not increased prices since last September, although the average price has risen by 6%, not all prices have increased and we are now running many more promotions.

We have, and constantly benchmark our pricing alongside many of our competitor universities and local competition to ensure that we remain competitive.

In addition to price increases we have also introduced meal deals and promotional offers that save well in excess of the 6% increase; these are now being advertised in all outlets and are the result of supplier sponsorship, product promotions and bulk purchasing discounts.
In addition we have also introduced Advance Catering which is a pre-paid card system for students. Each card costs £29.99 but its value is £35.00 so again huge saving can be made by purchasing one of these.

Can we protect the ‘green walls’ on campus please?


Is it possible to have fixed wooden barriers in front of the ‘Green Wall’ in the Cadman Courtyard on College Road Campus, to prevent staff/students from parking their cars in front of it and also to prevent Browns from putting their skips in front of it please?  I have just spoken to the chap who waters the plants there and he has told me that a lot of the plants are dying off because they did not get enough light due to it being blocked by cars and skips.  These plants, not to mention the metal framework, have cost a lot of money and it is such a shame if this is all for nothing.

I did put a couple of plastic bollards out to prevent cars etc from parking there but these have ‘vanished’ therefore nothing but permanent fixtures that cannot be moved would do the trick.


We will be taking other measures to prevent cars from parking in front of the wall and we will ensure that Browns do not leave their skips in inappropriate locations including near to this green wall.

We have a number of new green walls being installed in the landscaping project at the rear of the Henrion building so we will also be vigilant in ensuring that they remain unobstructed when they are completed later in October.