Do the anticipated benefits outweigh the disruption so far incurred by faculty restructures?

The process of requiring senior staff to apply for new posts must have been costly for the University and stressful for all concerned. In the event, the changes seem to have been very minor: in our small corner, at least, the same people now occupy very similar posts to those they held before restructuring. Do the anticipated benefits outweigh the disruption so far incurred?


The faculty restructure will be central to the efficient and effective delivery of the university plan. The restructure of management posts has been conducted in a fair and open way and complies with both good practice and employment law. This is important as this restructure has meant approx 48 people have been placed at risk of redundancy as we move from six faculties and schools to four faculties.

The process has been extremely valuable and whilst in some areas there may appear to be minor variations, it should be remembered that these roles are significantly different from those on our previous structures – something recognised by each of the colleagues involved.