Can our facilities be open 24/7?


Dear Vice Chancellor,

I would like to request and provide some rationale about why the university should be open 24 hours a day to allow access to the labs, TV Studio and Music Studios. Flexible learning being open for 24 hours would be great for marketing.

Currently the students use the library to do work after 9pm in Stafford because the labs shut. The 5-9 opening is not very successful because students feedback that they often work in the evenings and return to uni work at 10pm to the library to continue studies. The library has only a couple of computers running the software our students use. Opening up the labs would stop the need for the purchasing of more hardware and software for the library because the reality is we need a large lab in the library especially near assessment times.

Music studios are under pressure to be open longer and are full for the majority of term from 9-7 daily.

The TV Studio currently opens till 9 on a Wednesday for the very successful society called Staffs TV. The students want it open every night till 9 or even 24hours a day and weekends. The student say we pay to come so why can’t we use the finite resources more. I do agree with them.

Staffs TV have a university wide membership from students studying many different courses and not just Film Technology from Stafford and Stoke. Here are some of the projects that Staffs TV have completed recently and some to come.

Pass Projects:
– Staffs TV Outside Documentary Projects, multi corporate projects for the university, ECB and international events CDUT welcoming Chinese students.
– Eurogamer 2012 Expo
– ENVY Studio Tour, London
– Raw Cut TV Interviews and Tour
– Maverick TV Interview with Simone Haywood Executive Producer
– BBC Television Centre Special Tour
– Red Bull Music Studios Tour and interview from Studio Manager
– Stafford University Football Club Society Match

Future Projects:
– AutoSports 2013 largest motorsports event in the UK
– Filming test tracks days with the JWA motorsports team
– Media City Special Tour
– Nasta Vision

Nasta Vision is a huge multi-university event at the end of January. It involves the live streaming of 12 or more universities taking part in Eurovision, well Nastavision. Solent and our TV studio are the national key hubs for mixing and distribution of the streams. To do this the students would really benefit from being able to sue the TV Studio more night of the week which is currently not allowed. We are not sure why though because a precedence has been set to open on till 9 on a Wednesday.

This society is something we have encouraged students to run for 10 years now, its now up and running and providing so much Staffordshire Graduate type activities its vital to develop and grow it and anyway we can facilitate this we should. Opening up for longer or 24 hours would be fantastic.

I believe we should aim to improve security through card entry into labs, develop students to operate as health and safety reps if using studios late and then open up 24 hours a day.

Regards and Merry Christmas!



This is an interesting request that we will investigate very thoroughly. Where there have been clear needs for a 24/7 response, we have made it, e.g. In relation to the opening of the libraries.

On a separate note, I have had the pleasure of meeting with students from StaffsTV. It was a very interesting meeting and we are looking for ways to ensure greater support for the activity of this student society/club. The Nasta Vision project is of particular significance and we are already exploring ways of supporting it through availability of the TV studio.

Professor Michael Gunn