Where are our bins?!

It seems this week that staff have lost their bins!

Last week we had a bin each under our desk, and now have one within the office (for 7 staff) to walk to when we have something to put in it.

Can we have the reasoning explained? As this is going to take a lot of getting used to (we are automatically putting rubbish under our desks to remember the bins are no longer there).

Some of the individual bins are of an old metal design and can present a hazard. As we replace these bins, we are taking the opportunity to provide larger swing bins for offices where there are multiple occupants. This makes collection of waste from offices more efficient and also encourages people to use recycling bins so that we increase our on-site waste segregation in line with our recycling ambitions.

Anyone wanting to discuss local arrangements can contact the appropriate cleaning team:

cleaning.services.stoke@staffs.ac.uk or cleaning.services.stafford@staffs.ac.uk