How might the Estates strategy impact on staff?

I note the recent ask executive questions related to the future of the Stafford site e.g. in the light of the Stafford Hospital announcements.

If the decision is made in due course to close the Stafford site, what would be the effect on staff whose normal work base is Stafford? Would they have to accept the move to Stoke or would there e.g. be the option of applying for Managed Severance?

There has been no decisions on the estates strategy consultation as yet. These will be due in January 2014. The current consultation with staff and stakeholders will need to ensure that whatever long term decisions are made about the University’s estate, they are appropriate for our needs going forward.

In the event of any recommendation to reduce the number of sites, then the University will look to see what activities are performed on the site to be relinquished. If those activities are no longer required, then those roles who support that activity will be at risk of redundancy. In those circumstances we will look to redeploy staff wherever possible, as is our current approach, or seek expressions of interest in voluntary redundancy, before moving to compulsory redundancies.

If the activity and the roles supporting this are still required and will move to a different university site, then individual’s employment will continue. Staff are required to work on any university site, as one of their contractual terms. Change of Base Allowance would be available for those staff who fulfilled the criteria. All these policies are available on the personnel services website.