Will a minibus be big enough to replace the X1 service?

I don’t know if this is something that you are able to answer, but I have a concern regarding the changes to the bus service. I am not a driver so rely on the X1 bus to get me from Stoke to Black Heath Lane. I gather that there will be a mini bus shuttle in place, which is great, but at the moment, the international students pretty much fill a double decker, and there has been times that because they have completely filled the bus, I have had to stand all the way. I’m just worried that a mini bus may not be big enough, and that if it is full of students, there wont be room for me to get on the bus, therefore meaning that I will be an hour late for work due to waiting for the next one?


We are working with faculty colleagues to make sure that we have the best information possible about demand for the bus service before confirming our timetable. By managing the service in-house we will have the flexibility to respond to any issues very quickly.