Will you be able to book a place on the new minibus?

As I don’t drive I use the X1 to travel to Stafford from Stoke, although this is not on daily basis. When I do use the bus I need to be able to guarantee getting there for a specific time – for meetings or teaching. Will there be an option to book a place on the mini-bus on a particular time or date? I would not want to have to leave the office an hour earlier to give myself two chances on getting a bus – that does not seem an effective use of time.
Also who will have priority for places – students or staff? When we had a mini-bus previously the priority was staff and students could be asked to give up a place if there were staff wishing to use it. I am assuming that this will no longer the case. Will it just be ‘first come first on’?

The shuttle minibus service between Stoke and Stafford will be free of charge, with student or staff cards required to board. The service will run hourly between 7am and 7pm and will be a direct service. We are in the process of finalising timetables and all other details and will publish this information to RSS as soon as the detail is confirmed.