Can we increase email quota?

Hello, can I ask if we can increase the quota which is allocated to students and staff for email. The current quotas were set a lot of years ago and with the increased use of this technology this is a constant battle with warnings saying you are over quota. Staff are increasingly receiving large attachments from students and from outside organisations which will need to be saved for future review. Also all of the email needs to be saved for future evidence if required with students saying they sent you one thing and actually sending you something entirely different. External email providers are now supporting into the gigabytes of storage per user. I notice that York university have gone down this route giving each member of staff and student 25 Gigabytes of storage.


Email quotas are used as a mechanism to ensure the stability, availability and performance of the email system for all users. We aim to provide users with the largest possible default quotas within the constraints of the number of users and technology that we use. Currently the staff email server utilises 4TB of disk storage on a high performance disk system, and a further 90TB of backup archive to allow recovery in case of disaster. Information Services are investigating the use of newer technologies for staff email, including a new version of the Exchange email server, and alternate storage methods that will allow quotas to be reassessed moving forwards. Use of external email providers is not under consideration for staff, due to the requirements around the ability to provide evidence of communications that you have highlighted in your query, and which is lacking in external providers.

For student users, Information Services are actively evaluating the use of Microsoft Office 365 as an external email provider. It trials go well and this is adopted by the university then the benefits will include larger email quotas for students.

We would remind users that email is not always the best mechanism for distribution of large attachments as many organisations limit the size of messages. Information Services provide alternative methods such as our ZendTo Dropbox site that provide a simple secure mechanism for transferring these files outside of email.