Is Nelson library being sold?

We have heard a rumour that Staffordshire Police Headquarters have put in a bid to purchase Nelson Library from the University and that it’s been accepted.
Can Executive make any comment to confirm or deny this?
And if true, what are the plans to relocate the books and resources currently housed there?


As you are aware we are currently undertaking a broad review of our Estate – assessing occupancy, space utilisation, location and future development – with the outcomes of the consultation due in January 2014.

As we develop this new Estates Strategy, if opportunities arise that will benefit the University, we will consider those options. We would not disclose information on discussions that may be commercially sensitive but we can assure all staff and students that student experience and the impact on staff will be our prime concern and no actions would be agreed that had a material impact on the options being considered as part of the Estates review.