Can we stop colleagues moving visitor reserved cones please?

Can the executive do something about colleagues who seem to be using parking cones for their own purposes please?

This is making a frustrating situation with morning parking even worse.


If our colleagues are using cones for their own personal use then this is extremely disappointing. The Campus team uses cones to reserve spaces for visitors at the request of our colleagues and in an attempt to support university business. We know anecdotally that people often move these cones to use the reserved space for themselves, which causes stress for the visitor who arrives expecting to be able to park and creates a bad impression of the University.

Clearly we will need to review the use and location of traffic cones which may make it impossible for us to reserve spaces other than close to the lodge on Leek Road. We all have a responsibility when it comes to the management of our car parks so we all need to think about how we can help.