How can parking fines be given when barriers aren’t active?

We all know that car parking spaces are at a premium in Stoke, but can the following be explained?

How can payment for permits be taken, and fines applied to people who have parked inappropriately, when the barriers are open at both College Road and Leek Road campuses, meaning that anyone can park on our campuses?

We began enforcement procedures in January to manage the serious Health and Safety concerns that indiscriminate parking causes. We issue parking charge notices to make sure that the campuses are safe and accessible.

The car park barrier to the side of the Mellor building has been hit by a lorry and we are waiting for it to be repaired by the contractors. The new barriers are being installed at Leek Road as part of the campus improvement works and are not yet in working order. As soon as they are commissioned and handed over to us then they will be in operation.