Will i-Expenses be evaluated?

The new i-expenses is very complicated and time consuming (for overseas claims it is taking hours to complete). The various guides in themselves are lengthy and complex, some of the buttons/ options do not work and the system is not at all intuitive. Is there going to be any evaluation of the system?

i-Expenses was introduced in July and is being supported with user guides in addition to face to face training. As with any new system, there is an element of getting used to the system and learning ‘shortcuts’ to simplify the process. These include the ability to duplicate lines and attach bulk volumes of receipts. Financial Services are happy to individually train staff on the entry of more complicated claims and can be contacted through James Bennett on x3358. Finance are unaware of any buttons/options that do not work and would ask that such occurrences are reported to Helen Holt on x3542.

With regards to evaluation of i-expenses, this is planned towards the end of the year when users have had sufficient time to become familiar with the key functions.