Are there any plans for academics to be involved with planning the Library move?


Firstly, I would like to say I’m very happy with the decision to move the Library. I think it’s a great idea and if done correctly will certainly improve the student experience, the Library has always been a little awkward to get to especially when it’s raining! Looking down into the concourse from above to see the Library should look very impressive.

My question is, are there any plans for academics to be involved with the committees which will be planning the Library move to the Octagon concourse? I think it is very important this move goes well and we create a space that works well for everybody, staff and students.



There has already been engagement with faculty management teams regarding all the implications of the move including ensuring that the transition is as seamless as possible and minimising any impact on the current users of the Octagon (especially those who use it as a base for learning and teaching).  Bernard Shaw and Duncan White will continue to work with faculties and actively encourage academic input and involvement throughout the process.