Did executive accept a performance related pay bonus?

The UCU Exec Cttee would like to ask the following question in light of the ongoing pay dispute in HE and the upcoming industrial action. A quick answer would be appreciated.

On Exec QT the VC made clear he had taken only a 1% rise in pay, but the rest of Executive did not clarify their position on the 1% pay rise . The VC said that he had been offered performance related pay but had insisted on declining it.

Do other members of Exec get Performance Related pay / bonuses?
Have they accepted their PRP/bonus (unlike the VC)?
What percentage of their salary did they get as PRP/bonuses?
Do other senior managers such as Deans and Directors also get PRP/bonuses?
If yes, what percentage of their salaries did they get as PRP/bonuses?


Thank you for the question. As many staff will already be aware, as Vice Chancellor I receive both a salary and a performance related pay element. Earlier this year the Remuneration Committee of the Board of Governors, as part of the annual salary review process of my role, sought to increase the level of pay. This they did, but in conversations with them I declined to accept the pay increase. Recently, the Remuneration Committee has considered my performance against a range of pre agreed targets and a performance related payment has been determined. This I have accepted, as it is a one off payment that does not add to the University salary bill like an increase in salary would. The performance related pay for my role is a maximum of 10% of salary – which is a maximum available – not the amount I receive.

Other members of Executive had historically not received any pay award for some years. This has now been addressed under my leadership. Last year it was agreed by the Board of Governors that the PRP scheme would be extended to them but at a lesser amount of a maximum of 5% of salary, against the achievement of pre agreed objectives. This was first put into operation for the academic year 2012- 13, with payments recently being made – none of these were at the maximum. The executive roles will also have the 1% cost of living pay award with effect from 1st December 2013, not 1st August 2013 as all other staff.