How many current on-campus students are located on each campus and now many students will be moving to Stoke?


Please can I ask a question regarding student numbers involved in the move as the statement provided gives a very incomplete picture?

Can the executive therefore confirm how many current actual on-campus (full and part time) are located on each campus and now many actual students will be moving to Stoke? It is not possible to combine part-time students and distance-learning students together for practical purposes as the former will still need facilities on-site whereas the latter will not.

As a consequence, what plans are being made regarding provision of additional parking spaces at the Stoke campus and in particular, additional disabled parking bays to accommodate the increased need by both staff and students? Numbers please rather than a statement to say ‘we think that there is sufficient provision’.



There are approximately 2,800 student based at the Beaconside Campus of which 2,000 are full time undergraduates and 350 full time post graduates. The remainder are part time and distance learning students. Not all these specific students will be affected as many will complete their studies before the move although there will be a similar level of new students affected. It is should be noted that this is less than a third of our total students with the Stoke campus currently having 6,700 full time students and 3,400 part time and distance learning students.

Car parking is recognised as a key issue – the detailed plans will include additional car parking along with support for alternative transport modes.