Will the Shrewsbury campus will be closed?


I notice that in the Estates Strategy on page 37 it says: ‘Neither staff nor students should routinely have to travel between campuses to engage in or deliver programmes’ and in the Press Release it only mentions the Stafford Campus in relation to health courses.  Does this mean that the Shrewsbury campus will be closed?  The programme I am in involved with (midwifery) has half the delivery in Shrewsbury and the other half in Stafford (due to the requirements of the Commissioners) – this means that both teaching staff and students are routinely expected to travel between campuses.  Furthermore, the Estates Strategy acknowledged that it has an impact on efficiency – therefore will this be reflected in SSR’s?



We are unsure of which document you are referring to, however these plans have no impact upon the Shrewsbury site.  This is linked to the Health contract which is also unaffected by these proposals.