Why is our news so Stafford focussed?


Why is all the news published in University News is Stafford focussed, the birthday honours list for example, what about the fact we have a Shropshire Campus with approximately 30 staff and 400 students over here?


Thank you for getting in touch.  The University News, Events and Announcements is made up of a mixture of corporate information from the University’s Executive Office, and information sent to our Communications and Press teams by members of each Faculty and Service.

We are always happy to hear from colleagues from across the University with regards to promoting their good work externally, and each Faculty and Service has a ‘RSS Rep’ who is responsible for gathering and sharing news from their area to share internally.  If you would like more information please contact Communications Manager Judy O’Brien on ext: 4345 or email comms@staffs.ac.uk – thank you.