Is this the right time for Marketing activity?


Although I applaud the re-authoring of the university website, it has looked rather dull and dated for some time now, I can’t help but think that it should have been completed weeks ago.

Clearing is approaching fast, our numbers are down and it seems risky to leave it so late.

Also the ‘marketing’ people are about to shoot a new promotional video, again I question the timing of this and the fact that, once again, they are using an external company to film it when there is plenty of talent and expertise to produce it in-house.

Could I ask how much is being paid for the video?


Work on the website is always being undertaken, the current work is as a result of our investment in usability testing with our core audience (prospective students rather than staff). It has been designed to be live for August 2014 in order to push two messages – Clearing and Open Days.

Much more work is being undertaken and web authors around the university will be able to take you through the changes. In terms of marketing materials produced, we do, as much a possible, utilise the skills of the university or our graduates. Indeed many of the marketing team are staffordshire graduates and we use the film and photography expertise of FACT on a regular basis. Further investigation is underway to broaden this opportunity and to have students and academics participate in work would be welcomed.