Are their plans to increase scholarly activity days for non-academics?


It is my understanding that academic staff are allowed generous self-managed scholarly activity time to study for approved qualifications such as a PhD. However, as a non academic member of staff I am only allowed 3 days per annum to study for approved qualifications such as a PhD which makes it impossible to do so.

Is there a plan to offer all members of staff the opportunity to progress if they so wish, or does the University prefer non academic staff not to develop in this way?


The academic contract includes a time allocation for advanced scholarship for academic staff. The outputs from these days of advanced scholarship are determined by the Faculty and may include some time for PhD study in some cases.

Professional support staff are able to take time away from work for qualifications being undertaken if appropriate under the training for approved qualification scheme (TFAQ). The scheme allows for various types of sponsorship subject to certain criteria being met and also allows for 3 days study leave for examinations etc.

The University is committed to the development of all staff as appropriate.