What are the safeguards in place to ensure our interview process is fair?


Are there any safeguards in place to ensure that new appointments and the interview process is a fair and proper one?

Questions arising from recent appointments that I am aware of :

– is the interview panel chosen ad-hoc as it seems to be, because it seems increasingly rare for female panellists to be present. The same goes for Afro-Caribbean and Asian panel members especially if there are female, Asian or Afro-Caribbean applicants being interviewed.

– Ensure that certain candidates don’t have an unfair advantage because they know someone on the panel or are good friends with an interviewer’s family member.

– Ensure that politics are not involved and that someone is not being re-graded to safeguard their job prior to the 2016 merger of campuses, thereby putting a Stafford’s staff more at risk.
It also renders the whole interview process farcical and a waste of peoples time.

– Confirm that the job role as advertised is what the person employed actually does, especially when it asks for specific skills and is therefore preventing existing staff applying for that role.


Every effort is made to ensure that our recruitment and selection processes are robust and free from any discrimination. It is important for the University to select and appoint the best candidate available for our roles.

In order to make this selection it is essential that the interview panel is properly constituted and should include consideration of the gender balance on the panel. It is not always possible, however, to achieve this balance as this will often depend on the specialisms required on the panel and the availability of staff. It is also clear that any member of an interview panel who has a connection to a candidate should declare this to the Chair of the panel in advance of the interviews taking place.

Any queries or clarification required arising from a particular recruitment and selection process should be sought from your line manager or Personnel Services.