Why are approved suppliers not being utilised to achieve savings?


In line with much of the university, my department has had its expenses budget drastically slashed (as I thought, in order to save money). Please can you therefore explain how it is possible that an external visitor has been advised by another department to book his own hotel (which happens to be one of the University’s official supplier hotels) at a cost of £40 more than our corporate cost (then claim this back), as there are not sufficient resources within the department to book this at the cheaper rate. Surely if this happening for just one visitor, then how much money is being ‘wasted’ in this way – and what is the point of making arrangements with ‘approved suppliers’ ie to take advantage of corporate rates, if these are not being utilised.

It is incredulous that we are ‘penny pinching’ on basic things and literally pouring money away in other areas where savings can clearly be made.


All Faculties and Departments are responsible for managing their budgets and ensuring value for money is obtained. We all have a part to play in this and should remind colleagues of the proper process if we become aware of activities which are not achieving this.

Any specific examples (such as the one being referred to) should be brought to the attention of the Commercial Accounts Team who will follow them up in in their regular meetings with all Faculties and Departments.

Thank you.