Can an exception to the 5 mile rule be made?


We have been asked to use the Potters Club more.
It is an excellent environment for quiet meetings with business clients, especially those new to the potteries.
Can an exception (to the 5 mile rule) be made so that we may expense business coffees / lunches (within the specified limits) at the Potters Club?
This would not be to the exclusion of our excellent catering on campus, but provide a complementary additional option.


Thank you for getting in touch. Your query appears to make reference to two separate sections of the Travel Policy.

Wherever possible, colleagues who are entertaining external clients should use the University’s catering services as their first choice.

The 5 mile rule applies only when staff are claiming for the cost of their own meals, if they are away from the University’s sites on University business.

More information about the Travel Policy can be viewed on the Finance website.