Should the University offer a corporate flu voucher?


I was wondering, with the usual bouts of seasonal Flu that spreads throughout the University that results in staff being absent, if the University has thought about offering a corporate flu voucher?

I know that Boots so such a scheme and I’m sure other local chemists may be interested.
Boots link


Flu vaccinations are available from GP practices free of charge every year if you are considered to be at risk of flu and its complications. We have been asked to consider this matter previously and we believe that the voucher scheme would be difficult to for us to administer for staff not in this group and would be costly to the University especially given that vouchers purchased which are not used are non-refundable.

The University position is therefore that if you are not in this group there are many pharmacies that offer flu vaccinations including pharmacies in supermarkets which provide a simple, convenient and cost effective option for staff.