Why are there differences between the Stafford and Shrewsbury Open days?


At the Faculty of Health Staff forum it came to light that there is a lack of parity for the student experience at open days between those attending Stafford and those attending Shrewsbury.

We heard that potential students attending Stafford get ‘corporate gifts’ as do students attending these open days from other faculties. Here at Shrewsbury it has only been a recent addition that our potential students get a glass of juice & biscuit they certainly do not get the ‘corporate gift’.

Can you explain why this is and why Shrewsbury is not considered worthy of having equity and parity with Stafford campus?


Open Day events at Shrewsbury are organised by the Faculty of Health and focus only on the health professions, while the Stafford and Stoke events are organized by Sales and Student Recruitment and promote all awards in the University.

A difficulty for visitors in relation to refreshments at RSH was identified a couple of years ago and therefore, cold drinks and biscuits were provided at all of last year’s events.

At an all Staff Forum on 22 March, an anomaly was identified in terms of the provision of a red Staffordshire University canvas bag for applicants at Stafford and Stoke, but not at Shrewsbury. Following the Forum, Sales and Student Recruitment were contacted in relation to corporate materials and have agreed to provide the same items for future events, so the red canvas bags will now be available to open day visitors at the next event at Shrewbury as well as the corporate open day events.

The Faculty has repeatedly suggested that this is an event which the University could use to promote wider University provision, and so last year recruitment support were invited to participate and will again be supporting the next event on the 23rd April.

Over the past few years student services have increased their presence at Shrewsbury, but it should be recognised that as a satellite campus, the Shrewsbury experience will have some differences for students compared with the bigger university experience, a point which is made at Shrewsbury Open Days.

While it is nice to be able to give visitors a promotional bag, the feedback from open day events indicates that what helps students make their decision about which course and which University to attend, is the staff and the student ambassadors.

Our staff and students on all sites do a great job at Open day events. The feedback from applicants in relation to the health professions is the friendliness, helpfulness and knowledge of staff and students, and this is what visitors remember.