Are there any Stoke City ticket deals for staff?


Now that Staffordshire University sponsors one of the stands at the Brittania Stadium, are there any ticket deals or offers available for staff members? Quite often I hear that Stoke offer tickets for £5 to staff members of sponsors but I have never seen anything where Staffordshire University staff can access these deals.

Also, does Staffordshire University have access to an executive box at the stadium?  If so is there any opportunity for staff members at all levels to use this – or incentives in place for staff to win a place in the executive box?



The corporate hospitality package (ie Waddington Suite corporate box) the University has negotiated with Stoke City is mainly used to network with and strengthen relationships with existing and potential business clients and partners. Corporate guests for hospitality are carefully selected on a set of business benefits criteria and we ask the members of staff who attend  to write a short report following the match on the outcomes and business opportunities gained by hosting this type of event at the Britannia Stadium.

We do however feel that hospitality should be opened out to staff and students as reward for some of the great work that they do, so for example the Winners of the Celebrating Staff Success ‘Cross University team’ will be taking one of the Waddington Suite hospitality slots for 12 people at the upcoming Stoke City vs West Bromwich Albion match.

As well as staff, we have also invited 18 of our international students to watch the West Bromwich Albion game and have a tour of the Stadium.

Our partnership with the Club has opened up lots of other ‘money can’t buy’ opportunities for our students. The Students’ Union are working with the Club on a number of projects including offering recreational sport sessions as part of their Premier Sports Project and the Union’s  Active Uni’s project. They are also working with Stoke City for the upcoming ‘One Game One Community’ Week of Action.

In addition, Stoke City have said that they will look into the special £5 ticket deals for staff (as club partners) for one or maybe two of the 2012 home games.

Can the website have campus postcodes added for Sat Navs?


Whenever I organise external visitors to the University, I am often asked to supply a postcode for their Satnavs, and on the main page for our directions this is not given.

Please can all the relevant postcodes be added, and I think it would also be great to have a link called “Campus postcodes for your Sat Nav” on the main first page before you go into each campus – thanks


Thank you for your suggestion.  This is something that we have been considering for some time and Strategic Marketing are currently in the process of updating all of the campus maps on our website.

As a result of your question, they will also be adding postcodes for Sat Navs to this page once all of the updates have been made.

Thank you!