Can the SU shops open during summer for Open Days?


I know the SU shops are not strictly speaking Staffs uni property or under our control, but it does seem to me that the Uni is missing a trick here, and too the SU themselves.

Today there have been a large open day at the Uni, with hundreds of potential customers milling around, yet the SU shops on leek road and college road are shut  ? Surely they would be doing a LOT of business with all these people around, not to mention it better advertises what we have to offer on our sites.. I cant see the SU objecting either unless they don’t like making money ?


In looking at the June Open Day, the Students’ Union considered how best to showcase the facilities and services available to students.

During term-time, the Student Shops opened for all the weekend Open Days because they were able to present a positive example of the service available to students

However, because there are now very few students on any campus after May, the Student Shops close for 4 months between June and September and all stocks of perishables are run down to zero.  

As this makes up over 50% of the range, it leaves the shops looking very spartan and inadequate.  Therefore, rather than presenting a false and less than ideal impression, the focus was placed on operating the services that aren’t dependent on being stocked for their presentation.

In anticipation of the broader question about vacation opening, the Student Shops at the Beaconside site were operated as a pilot throughout the summer 3 years ago.  However, because trade averaged below £250 per day (despite occasional summer school conferences) it operated below breakeven, so had to be subsidised. 

Because its’ resultant turnover was so low, it proved difficult to meet the minimum drop levels for deliveries, which led to high out-of-stocks in some categories and high wastage levels on perishables,  where lines didn’t sell before their use by dates.
The Union is, however, in discussions with Co-Op about a possible supply arrangement that may change this in future years, so future vacation opening is being actively reviewed.