Will joint awards be looked at individually?


Taking up the point about looking at combined honours and concentrating on what we are good at, in journalism we have many combined honours students who are very successful and who bring a diversity and new ideas that also inform the core single honours course. I would like reassurance that each joint honours award would be looked at individually rather than a decision being made in general to cut these courses.


When we are making our decisions about  the programme portfolio going forward, we will be considering a range of factors in relation to all the programmes. These include application rates,  different quality  measures, financial viability and other fields.

Then we will be asking academic staff to compete information  on how the 3 Es are delivered within programmes, whether elearning is a factor, what the competition is like, the strategic value of programmes and a range of other considerations. 

Once all the information is gathered, we will revue the data together and make decisions about how we shape the portfolio going forward.

In this way there is the opportunity for any individual Award to be considered in its own right.
That said, We do need to simplify our offer with less titles overall. The number of options  available on any programme has to be dependant on the number of students. We need to work towards a situation where ideally all modules have an optimum number of 20 students studying in seminar and lab based groups.