What is the benefit of awarding honorary degrees and why do Senior staff attend all awards ceremonies?


Can Exec justify the presence of the entire Exec and FMTs at award ceremonies. Is an entire week of senior staff time to be taken up on these events again this year? Would a rotation be more expedient as other institutions employ?

I’d also like to ask, yet again, as to what if any benefit stems from the awarding of honorary awards? Other universities award only those who have merited such awards by working with institutions in raising funds and profiles, we appear to award minor celebrities whom we never encounter again.


Executive believe that as Awards Ceremonies are the successful culmination of a student’s time at the University, we should celebrate and congratulate them at our Awards Ceremonies. This is why Executive consider it important to show their support by attending all the ceremonies.

Faculty and Senior Management Teams only normally attend the ceremony for their own Faculty.

In terms of Honorary Awards, the University only confers such awards on persons who have made major contributions to the University or who have achieved distinction in any field of activity relevant to the work of the University.

Many of our Honorary Award holders do maintain an ongoing association with the institution.