Could the Beaconside Campus exit be improved?

With the recent talk of improving both campuses, has any thought been given to improving the exit from Beaconside Campus?
Could an exit be added down past the Nelson Library?

There are no current plans to carry out modifications to the exit from the Stafford Campus. Whilst potentially feasible, other routes would impinge upon the pedestrianisation in place between the Octagon, Nelson Library and Beaconside with its benefits of improving the general amenity and pedestrian safety.

Can we have benches installed by the Stafford campus bus stop?

Please can Executive consider installing one or two outdoor wooden benches on the green space, under or near the trees, by the Beaconside Bus Shelter at the Stafford Campus.

Although the bus shelter does provide some indoor seating, when the weather is good, it would be nice to sit down, in the fresh air, on a bench outside and wait for the next bus. You can find yourself waiting some time for a bus to arrive, as the time keeping of the service does vary.

Thank you and regards.

Thank you for your suggestion. Making improvements to our campuses is an important and ongoing process and we appreciate any feedback and suggestions we receive throughout this journey.

To make the most of the beautiful weather we are currently enjoying, the Estates team have responded to your request in record time – two benches have this morning been taken out of storage and placed next to the bus stop as suggested, and are already being used by people to soak up the sunshine.

We hope that you too enjoy the benches (and the fresh air!) next time you are waiting for the bus.


Are there any more lighting improvements planned?


There has been some new lighting installed in the corridor outside our office (BL167) and it is really good, will this be extended to the offices/classroooms?


The lighting was improved by increasing the number of fittings, because there is a ramp in this part of the corridor which had been identifed as being inadequately illuminated.

We are looking at a number of the existing light fittings further along the corridor to ensure that they are clean and working correctly.