When will BHL be cleared of snow?

Could you please tell me when Blackheath Lane car park will be cleared as it very dangerous today?


The Grounds and Campus teams make every effort to grit and clear the main roads and pavements on campus but we don’t clear parking spaces as the only way to do this without a snow plough is to do so by hand. If there are areas of the campus that are of particular concern at any time then these should be reported to the Campus team in the appropriate lodge.

The Stafford Campus team have spread some more grit at Blackheath Lane this afternoon and will do so again first thing in the morning when there are no cars parked.

How will parking at Blackheath Lane be managed?

Could you please let us know how the parking will be enforced at Blackheath Lane? At those sites with a lodge and barrier, it’s easier to see how parking can be controlled, but at BHL it’s effectively an open car park, as the barrier is not manned.

Every morning there are lots of cars that pull into the BHL car park to drop off school children who go to the nearby school. Some drivers are a liability and literally just drive in to the car park and then stop, and there have been a number of near misses in the past due to this type of driving behaviour. There are also sixth formers who park at the BHL campus as they are not allowed to park at the school. Could you also please let us know how these aspects will be controlled at BHL?

We are working with our landscape architects to investigate the feasibility of installing barriers and card readers at Blackheath Lane. Sixth form students will not be eligible to apply for a parking permit and so if they continue to park here they will be issued with a parking charge notice.

Are there plans to improve the parking situation at Blackheath Lane?


Staff at Blackheath Lane have raised concerns for sometime over parents dropping off pupils who attend Weston Road School, which has lead to a number of very near misses.  On a daily basis, in term time, pupils being dropped off on the car park can be seen walking across the entry point of the car park with very little awareness of cars being driven on to the car park by University staff or other parents dropping pupils off.

Increased numbers of students has put increasing pressure on the car park, and this is not helped by the number of Sixth Form students from Weston Road who use the car park as the school does not allow them to use theirs. 

Although a barrier was installed a few years ago this is a manually operated one, and is very rarely staffed.

Are the plans referred to in the previous message regarding car parking going to extend to Blackheath Lane, and when can we expect some action?


We are reviewing the parking issues at Blackheath Lane and have recently monitored the use of the car park by parents from the School.Only three cars checked in a two hour period were school related.

Installing a barrier is more complicated here than on our other sites because of the short driveway off Blackheath Lane but we are looking at options that will prevent unauthorised use but not cause traffic to back up into the highway.

Is a swipe-card barrier planned for Blackheath Lane?


Are there any plans for a swipe-card barrier at Blackheath Lane? 

I have personally seen individuals both yesterday and today, parking up and then walking over to the school. 


We are considering installing a barrier with card control, but there are practical difficulties relating to ensuring we do not cause even more traffic problems on Blackheath Lane with cars queing to get through the barrier, as this would be unacceptable to the Highways Agency.