Is a new entrance being added to Leek Road?

I recently asked about what the diggers were doing along Leek Road behind the old wooden hut (ex church). I was told landscaping, but from looking at these works it looks like there is some sort of road being made? Concrete seems to be going into the ground. If so, is there going to be an extra entrance onto Leek Road?


The landscaping works which have commenced on our Leek Road campus incorporate changes to both soft and hard landscaping to improve the appearance and function of the external areas for students,visitors and staff.  It does not include an extra entrance onto Leek Road.

Will building debris behind Winton Square be removed?


Now that the work on the College Road car park has been completed, are there any plans to remove the skips, containers and left over building materials etc from the car park at the rear of Winton Square as they are taking up a number of valuable parking spaces.



The contractor’s skip and surplus materials will be removed shortly and we will review the location of  the University skip to minimise loss of car park spaces.

When will the Winton Square car park open?


Can you advise when Winton Square car park is likely to re-open and if will we still be able to park at the back of Henrion?


The landscaping works should be completed this weekend and the contractor should therefore be able to clear the site next week and allow cars access to the parking area to the rear of Winton Square. There will be a few less parking spaces behind Henrion because of the landscaping that we have just installed

Can we be notified in advance when car park spaces are to be reduced please?


Is it possible to have some pre-warning that car parking spaces on campus will be coned off – and how much space will be? 

For example, today the front set of car parking spaces on College Road had been coned off (I presume for Clearing visitors?), which combined with the work going on around the back of the College Road site meant that there were no spaces available before 9am!
Not only would this information be helpful directly to staff, but it could then be passed onto any visitors we expect to visit campus.


 We had intended to issue an RSS feed explaining the revised temporary car parking arrangements but we were working on actually making the arrangements until 17.30 last night.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused but the changes were necessary to accommodate the Clearing operations which commenced this morning.

For any future changes we will ensure that a communication is sent in time.

What plans are there to address the car park problems at leek Road?


I am aware that on a number of occasions over many years, issues related to parking and safety at Leek Road  have been mentioned in various committee minutes and I would be interested to know if there any plans to address the current crisis.

To be more specific, I’d be grateful to know of any plans:

To improve the safety of pedestrians (given the parking on pavements etc);

To improve the parking for disabled people (given these spaces are often occupied by cars without displaying the necessary badge);

To reduce the number of cars parked whose owners are not on University business (as the barrier system for monitoring is far from robust).


The current situation is clearly unacceptable and is caused by inappropriate behaviour which results in increased risks to users of our facilities.

We are reviewing a number of alternatives for taking enforcement action against those motorists who park inappropriately and this will ensure that disabled bays will only be used by those with badges,the roadways will be clear of parked cars.

The barrier that was installed at the entrance of the site prevents unauthorised use of our car parks.

Is a swipe-card barrier planned for Blackheath Lane?


Are there any plans for a swipe-card barrier at Blackheath Lane? 

I have personally seen individuals both yesterday and today, parking up and then walking over to the school. 


We are considering installing a barrier with card control, but there are practical difficulties relating to ensuring we do not cause even more traffic problems on Blackheath Lane with cars queing to get through the barrier, as this would be unacceptable to the Highways Agency.

Can visitor parking passes help to ease congestion in our car park?


I have noticed a number of cars that appear to have been parked over night over the last few days, and I wonder how many of these cars don’t belong to members of staff and students. 

I know from experience that there have been a couple of times where I have been tailgated by a car behind me so they can get through the barrier before it drops, possibly because they don’t have a card.  They know they can get out with no problems as there is no barrier at the exit.

Given the pressure on car parking spaces on the college road car parking would it be worthwhile to issue staffs university stickers that would enable the university to deal with cars that have managed to slip in say when the barrier is up.

I know that doesn’t cover visitor cars, but it would be possible for staff requesting parking for visitors to ask those visitors for their number plate and to pass that along to estates, or for estates to have some visitor cards that could be sent internal mail to the staff requesting the spot.  These could then be given to the visitor and then collected by the staff member and sent back to estates,

Not a perfect solution, but might relieve some of the pressure.


We do spot checks of cars parked at night and are satisfied that most are students,either residential or making use of our 24/7 Library Services.

There are some staff who park overnight when they are on business trips away from campus and are travelling by train or other public transport.
Tailgating is possible but we are trying to identify cars that enter this way and then take action.

Issuing stickers could only be to staff and we have significant numbers of students and visitors using our car parks.
Issuing passes for visitors would be impractical in our experience because many academic staff who reserve spaces do not know sufficient detail about visitors,often only approximate numbers,and sending passes through the internal post would be difficult to control.

We are continuing to review car parking to try to improve behaviour by all users for mutual benefit.