Why is the Carol Service not held on a Wednesday afternoon?


I’d like to enquire as to why the carol service was advertised so late, just a week before the event on the 6th. Was it not going to take place? I’d also like to ask why it can’t be fixed much earlier in the calendar on a Wednesday afternoon (perhaps fixing the date as the last Wednesday afternoon of the teaching term), so that people like me, who would otherwise be teaching, can actually attend.


The traditional Christmas Carol Service is a corporate event and while we do our best to hold it at the convenience of all staff and students, consideration must be given to the availability of the Vice-Chancellor, Students’ Union President, University Chaplains, together with the availability of Stoke Minster.

We realise that not everyone can attend the service and therefore will consider your suggestions when planning next year’s carol service.

As in previous years, both Christmas carol services have been advertised around campus with a poster campaign and information has been sent out to Deans and Directors of Service in which to filter down to members of staff. This year with our additional electronic communication tools, such as the RSS channels, IS icon on staff PCs and plasma information screens around campus, we hope to have reached as many staff and students as possible at this seasonal time.