Why have coffee shop prices gone up so much?

I understand that prices occasionally have to rise, however the recent price hike in the Dolche Vita seems quite steep. For example, a Large Latte has gone from £1.55 to £1.75, that’s almost a 13% rise.

Could you shed a little light as to why the price has had to go up so much?

Many thanks for your question.

We have been forced to increase prices due to the increase in raw materials, this has been especially prevalent on dairy and coffee.

Since The Courtyard Café opened in August 2011, our prices have remained static; however we have seen a huge increase in costs, which we have managed to absorb until very recently. Dairy products have risen by 15% in the last 12 months and Coffee by a similar amount, unfortunately we do as a result need to increase prices to our customers to cover some of these extra costs from our suppliers.

The previous price of a large Costa Latte was £1.70 and we have now increased it to £1.75… an increase of just 5 pence! All this said, we are still considerably cheaper than Costa on the High Street; similar price increases have taken place at the Coffee Lab and Ashley Conference Centre.

Are there plans to bring Costa Coffee to Stafford?

I’ve been up to Stoke recently and noticed they serve Costa Coffee and I was quite envious of the people up in Stoke.

Do you have any plans to introduce Costa Coffee in Stafford?

The Campus & Commercial Services team is continually reviewing the services we offer and this may include the introduction of new brands. We recently brought Grumpy Mule coffee to the University in the Ashley Cafe at Stoke and will be happy to look into the possibility of bringing Costa to Stafford.