Are their plans to increase scholarly activity days for non-academics?


It is my understanding that academic staff are allowed generous self-managed scholarly activity time to study for approved qualifications such as a PhD. However, as a non academic member of staff I am only allowed 3 days per annum to study for approved qualifications such as a PhD which makes it impossible to do so.

Is there a plan to offer all members of staff the opportunity to progress if they so wish, or does the University prefer non academic staff not to develop in this way?


The academic contract includes a time allocation for advanced scholarship for academic staff. The outputs from these days of advanced scholarship are determined by the Faculty and may include some time for PhD study in some cases.

Professional support staff are able to take time away from work for qualifications being undertaken if appropriate under the training for approved qualification scheme (TFAQ). The scheme allows for various types of sponsorship subject to certain criteria being met and also allows for 3 days study leave for examinations etc.

The University is committed to the development of all staff as appropriate.

How can technical staff progress within the University?

Executive Question Time question that wasn’t addressed during the hour programme due to time restrictions:

As a young Technical member of staff how can I move up career wise within the University?
Appraisals form an essential part of each technician’s career development. During these discussions, development to support the individual’s career aspirations can be suggested, aligned to the needs of the department and the wider University. There are a number of opportunities available to support each technician in their current role and to assist in progressing further along their career path. Development opportunities available internally can be found in Development Matters. Alternatively, each technician is eligible for free membership to HEaTED, as the University has an institutional subscription.

In recent months, HEaTED has undergone significant change and has broadened its portfolio greatly to enhance technician career development. Registration is free on the HEaTED website, by visiting and clicking on the ‘Register Now’ button on the homepage to ensure notification is received of future events . In addition, technicians have the opportunity to register for the Online Community Groups via the Community Groups Homepage and can also use this online group to suggest topics, presenters, venues and activities for future Regional Network Events.

Technicians whose role involves teaching/facilitating learning will also be encouraged to gain an Associate Fellow of the HEA. This is another career-enhancing opportunity which helps to broaden a technician’s role and potential. Similarly those technicians who aspire to move into management posts can sign up for a number of management development workshops and/or qualifications such as the ILM First line Management course.