Can University films be more accessible please?


A new Environmental video seems to have appeared on many of the large screens around the university.

As someone with poor sight, the use of a serif font that changes colour from green, to yellow and then to white renders the video almost impossible for me to follow the narrative.

Can more thought be put into these presentations in future please?


Thank you very much for raising this issue.

The University is committed to providing an inclusive environment and we try to make sure that all our communications, whether they are paper or electronic, are clearly understood by everyone. We recently issued guidelines for making all types of documents more accessible and any corporate video would follow these guidelines and should be easily accessible for everyone.

We are not sure which video you are referring to but we think it may be one that was developed by a student as part of a project.

We will liaise with the departments responsible for this initiative and make sure that they understand the difficulties that the student design has caused and ensure that any future projects take equality issues into account.

Thank you again for bringing this to our attention. Your feedback means that we can improve our communication to all our staff and students.

Are Christmas angel decorations banned on campus?

I would like to Ask Exec if there is an official position regarding appropriate Christmas decorations?

There is a disruptive rumour doing the rounds that staff are not permitted to use angels to decorate Christmas trees in offices and foyers around the University. On the surface it may seem very daft or petty, but it also has the potential to cause a lot of serious upset.

I suspect this may be at best a simple misunderstanding; hopefully not someone with an axe to grind causing mischief.

Could we please cut through the rumour mill and get an official clarification on the position?


Thank you for your query regarding Christmas decorations.
The University doesn’t have a formal policy regarding Christmas decorations but allows staff and students to decorate their areas of work in a way that is appropriate for any particular religious or cultural festival. For Christmas this would of course include angels.
Happy Christmas!