How do we communicate course fees?

Where does the remit lie within the institution to communicate course fees to relevant service departments? That’s all courses – not just UG FT.

In this academic year a new process for fee setting has been established. Firstly, a Fee Strategy Group has been created, previously chaired by Paul Richards and to be taken over by Mark Hattersley in the Autumn. Members from Marketing, Finance and Faculties are represented in this group. A Fee Timetable and Process for new and existing 2014/15 Fees has now been created and includes modelling, competitor analysis and consultation via Faculty Directors. 2014 UG/ PT and PG will be presented via SLT and submitted to the Board of Governors Summer 2013. With Fees ready to publish early Autumn 2013. 2015/16 Fee cycle commences November 2013 with first draft modelling ready for review by Executive in Spring 2014. The Chair of the Fee Strategy Group will announce the Fees as well as Deans reviewing at SLT.

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What are Exec’s plans for part-time study?


What are the plans for part-time study? Does Executive expect part-time study will recruit students who are either maybe put off by full-time fees, or who want to study while working?


Re part-time study, we expect the market to drive the offer. In particular, we are considering whether PT UG Programmes, offered over three years, will be popular in the future.  We would be interested to hear staff and student views on this subject.

Are there plans to increase International fees?


We all know about the planned increases in UK student fees – will the fees for International students remain as they are or are there plans to increase these ?

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We have not yet made any decisions on our future fee levels but significant planning is taking place  to look at different options. It is unlikely that we will announce our UK fee levels for 2012/13 until early summer.

International fees are reviewed on an annual basis and the review for 2012/13 will take place over the summer.