Why was the Learning and Teaching Day scheduled on Law results day?


The University insists that students are at the heart of everything we do. If this is the case, why has a Learning & Teaching Day been scheduled for the day that LPC & L6 LLB students in the Law School receive their results? It is vital that lecturers are available to deal with queries and that award managers are available to deal with any issues.

For example, one student has already been found to have been mistakenly listed as a debtor by finance. If he didn’t pass, he would lose his job and so was understandably keen to resolve this ASAP. If the award manager had been at the L&T day, he would not have been able to. Giving him a day’s unnecessary worry would have been a long way from putting him at the heart of everything we do!


The University schedules two weeks for its Staff Fest – which contains numerous events linked to development opportunities and updating. Learning and Teaching is an integral part of this two weeks – though not exclusive to it. The University sets aside two designated days – one for its main conference and one for the Faculty based conference. These days are in the calendar many months in advance – we like to see as much engagement as possible but of course we recognise that there are number of other competing events which will inevitably clash, and many of these cannot be moved.

The University expects a flexible approach from its staff – likewise we understand that staff will need to prioritise within a complex portfolio. For many staff there are overseas commitments and external examining at other institutions – both of which reach a peak at the same time as here at Staffordshire. We trust our staff to be in the most appropriate location – as indeed happened in the question being asked – to support our students as best they can.