Why do services close so early on Open Days?


Why did the coffee shop and student shop (Stafford) close so early on the Saturday Open day?

It was most inconvenient meaning our visitors and staff had nowhere to go for refreshments.


We have passed on your comments to the Students’ Union with regards to their shop. As far as Grumpy Mule is concerned, the Campus and Commercial Services management team have taken feedback on board and will make sure that catering outlets are open for the duration of Open Day activity on 6 December – Thank you.

Will both the Open Day and the Intake Weekend run smoothly?


Given the following response to a query, back in March, about the open day and intake weekend being on the same day:
We do not believe either the Open Day or Intake Weekend will be impacted by having both events on the same day.
Both events require the best customer service – and we believe they will complement each other. With 5 months preparation we can ensure the best delivery.

Please can we be told the plan that is going to mean both events will run smoothly in a couple of weeks’ time.

Please can you also indicate when we can expect the current campus re-development on the Leek Road site to be complete, as currently a large number of parking areas are unavailable, particularly by the Halls of Residence. New students moving into halls will need access to these areas to unload their belongings. In addition, we will have prospective students here who will need parking too.

Whilst I appreciate we can tell everyone that it shows investment in the campus, walking into a ‘building site’ will not give the best impression. The investment is not necessarily what will stick in the students or, more importantly, the parents minds when they leave.



With the need to drive applications, it is key that we undertake an Open Day in September, October and November – in keeping with all Universities. The calendar of events has proven difficult for it to run on any weekend in September. Colleagues across the university have been working together planning and preparing for these two key events as well as ensuring that both staff and students are aware of the messages to share with our visitors to the Open Day as well as our new intake and their families. The accommodation tour will be impacted, but we have commissioned new internal and external photography to support the talk as an alternative. We believe it will support the vibrant and lively experience of University rather than deter.

To make sure the campus works have minimal impact, there will be clear signage on the day to direct visitors as well as providing information about our investments, showing clearly why the work is taking place.

Senior collegues will also be ‘walking the walk’ at 8am on Saturday morning to make any last minute adjustments if necessary.


Are we loaning out our car parks for external events? – update

Dear Colleagues,

Please note that the organisers of the 10k race have now changed the event date to Sunday 29 September 2013, however we will still be offering our support.


There’s a rumour that the University has agreed to lend/loan out part of the Leek Road car park for an event, external to the University, on the 21 September. Is this correct?
The Campus team has agreed to support organisers of a local 10k race, by offering some parking on Leek Road, at the rear of the lodge to participants on the morning of September 21. Any spaces that are used will be vacated by 10am.

We are approached a couple of times a year by organisers of weekend community events looking for support in the form of some car parking spaces and we try whenever possible to help. We are aware that there will be lots of activity on campus during that weekend but are confident that we can support this event without compromising either intake or open day activities.

Open Day V’s Intake Weekend

I would like to ask Executive about the reasoning behind the decision to go ahead with an Open Day on Intake Weekend (21st Sept) – one of the busiest weekends of the academic calendar.

Over the past couple of years our Open Days have been buffed and polished so that everyone has a successful enjoyable experience. Likewise the welcome, enrolment and intake activities have been developed into a slick, customer focused weekend which offers a stress free start for our new students.

Our new students and Open Day Visitors each have the right to expect the University’s full attention when they come to move in/view the University.

In these times of reducing student numbers it seems silly to spread ourselves too thinly and fail.  Surely at this early stage (5 ½ months to go) it would be better to re-arrange?

We do not believe either the Open Day or Intake Weekend will be impacted by having both events on the same day.

Both events require the best customer service – and we believe they will complement each other.  With 5 months preparation we can ensure the best delivery.