Why is there an Open Day being held on 15 March?


Just wondering why the 15th March (Mothering Sunday) has been approved as an Open Day – wouldn’t it make more sense to go with the 14th?

Can’t imagine it will be busy as everyone will be spending the day with their mums. Staff won’t be keen on working for the same reason.

Thank you


Sunday 15 March was chosen as an Open Day date because it will be the first day of the Staffs V Keele Varsity, hosted this year by Staffordshire University. This means that the campus will be busy with lots of students around and activities happening on that day. The campus will be buzzing and vibrant and hosting an Open Day during Varsity gives us a great and unique opportunity to showcase our facilities and student life at their best to both our new prospects and applicants alike.

Why did Engineering students attend the Stoke Open Days?

Please can you explain the decision to have potential engineering students attend Open Days at the Stoke campus, when actual facilities are still in Stafford? These courses are sold on the strength of their facilities.
The open days are being held in Stoke as all the Engineering provision will be delivered from Stoke from September 2013 onwards.

It is important for students to visit the campus where they will be based for open day events. All students attending the open days have been given the option of travelling to Stafford to see the existing Engineering resources. The applicant student visit days which follow for those that have been offered places will be held in Stafford to enable the students to experience the facilities that will be significantly upgraded and available in Stoke when they begin their university studies.

*This is a question that we did not have time for during the last Executive Question Time event.

Are there plans for more varied open days?

Are there any plans to hold open evenings for students who are unable to make the weekend open days?

Thank you for your question. Our main Open Days are held on Saturdays and Wednesdays because traditionally our visitors like to spend a whole day with us to enable them to gain a real feel of the university and the surrounding area.

During Clearing we did hold an evening Information, Advice and Guidance Event aimed at full-time undergraduates who were unsure of their next steps or wanted to enquire about courses. We also hold a number of part-time open evenings throughout the year.

For anyone who cannot make an Open Day, we try to provide as many more opportunities for them to come and visit us here at Staffordshire University as possible. For example, we are hosting 12 Wednesday Visit Days during November to May which are aimed at potential applicants still in the decision-making process who have been unable to make our Open Days.

We do also offer 1 to 1 visits for anyone who cannot make the Open Days or Visit Days and we are currently researching virtual open days, self guided tours and web chats as other ways for people to find out more about us.

Why are there differences between the Stafford and Shrewsbury Open days?


At the Faculty of Health Staff forum it came to light that there is a lack of parity for the student experience at open days between those attending Stafford and those attending Shrewsbury.

We heard that potential students attending Stafford get ‘corporate gifts’ as do students attending these open days from other faculties. Here at Shrewsbury it has only been a recent addition that our potential students get a glass of juice & biscuit they certainly do not get the ‘corporate gift’.

Can you explain why this is and why Shrewsbury is not considered worthy of having equity and parity with Stafford campus?


Open Day events at Shrewsbury are organised by the Faculty of Health and focus only on the health professions, while the Stafford and Stoke events are organized by Sales and Student Recruitment and promote all awards in the University.

A difficulty for visitors in relation to refreshments at RSH was identified a couple of years ago and therefore, cold drinks and biscuits were provided at all of last year’s events.

At an all Staff Forum on 22 March, an anomaly was identified in terms of the provision of a red Staffordshire University canvas bag for applicants at Stafford and Stoke, but not at Shrewsbury. Following the Forum, Sales and Student Recruitment were contacted in relation to corporate materials and have agreed to provide the same items for future events, so the red canvas bags will now be available to open day visitors at the next event at Shrewbury as well as the corporate open day events.

The Faculty has repeatedly suggested that this is an event which the University could use to promote wider University provision, and so last year recruitment support were invited to participate and will again be supporting the next event on the 23rd April.

Over the past few years student services have increased their presence at Shrewsbury, but it should be recognised that as a satellite campus, the Shrewsbury experience will have some differences for students compared with the bigger university experience, a point which is made at Shrewsbury Open Days.

While it is nice to be able to give visitors a promotional bag, the feedback from open day events indicates that what helps students make their decision about which course and which University to attend, is the staff and the student ambassadors.

Our staff and students on all sites do a great job at Open day events. The feedback from applicants in relation to the health professions is the friendliness, helpfulness and knowledge of staff and students, and this is what visitors remember.