Can staff be informed when a pay rise is applied?


Is it possible for staff to receive notification when the Pay Rise is applied and when they have progressed up a spine point?

I find it quite strange that these things happen automatically without staff being made aware of their new salary amount.

Also, when will the new pay scales document be released?


Thank you for raising this matter.  Going forward we are now be able to notify everyone via the RSS feeds during the month that a pay award is to be applied.  The pay award review date is 1 August but we appreciate that it has not always been agreed for implementation in that month.

Increments are payable, if members of staff have not reached the maximum of the grade, on 1 August each year and at the moment we do not advise individuals of this change in salary. We will give some consideration as to whether we can do this electronically going forward.

Pay scales from 1 August 2010 are on the web site under remuneration.

When do we move up a point on the pay scale?


In addition to the salary increase questions recently posted on Ask Exec, when will we move up a point in the salary pay scale?


Within pay grades are a number of different spinal points. A member of staff will move to the next spinal point within their grade on 1st august each year subject to satisfactory performance within their role.

The full details are outlined in the remuneration policy available on the university website.

What is happening with staff cost of living & inflationary salary increases?


Can you please advise:

a) When cost of living salary increases are normally made for University staff?
b) When inflationary salary increases are normally made for University staff?
c) Which of the above will we and will we not get this year?



The cost of living salary increase is applied every year, following negotiations at a national level between UCEA (representing all the Universities as employers) and the recognised trade unions within the sector, of which UCU and UNISON are two.

One of the areas that informs the debate on the level of the cost of living pay award is the rate of inflation, together with issues of affordability across the higher education sector. The pay awards are normally paid with effect from 1st August each year, but sometimes the payment of these is delayed and backdated, depending how straightforward the discussions have been at a national level and when we receive the outcome of these discussions.

Professor Michael Gunn, Vice Chancellor, has recently written to all staff to explain that the pay award of 0.4%, backdated to 1st August 2010, will be paid in the February 2011 payroll cycle.

Apologies for the dealy in posting this response.

What is happening with regards to last year’s rise?


Why has no-one heard about the inflation rise for August 2010.  I know that the pay freeze for anyone who earns £21K + does not come in until April 2011.  Are we getting a rise for last year?


Professor Michael Gunn, Vice Chancellor, has recently written to all staff to inform them that despite no agreement having been reached with UCU nationally, the pay award, payable with effect from 1st August 2010, will be made in the February payroll cycle and backdated.

Apologies for the delay in posting this response.