Can you give guidance on the parking policy please?


Last week, following the email from Mark Hattersley, I began the process of applying for a new permit, but when I read the District Enforcement Privacy Policy, I didn’t proceed. However, as I am concerned I will not get a permit in time, I am applying this morning. Would you kindly read the policy and let me have any feedback on its content please? (

I am no legal expert (quite the opposite), hence my concerns are as follows:

• They will collect information about my (works) PC for their administration but also to pass information to their advertisers
• Data may be transferred to, stored at and processed by staff at a destination outside the EEA. However District Enforcement will only take “…all steps reasonably necessary to ensure your data is treated securely…”
• They have a statement reading “Unfortunately, the transmission of information via the internet is not completely secure. Although we will do our best to protect your personal data, we cannot guarantee the security of your data transmitted to our site; any transmission is at your own risk…”

The last point is particularly worrying as they are stating that the responsibility for the security of my application is mine – how can this company put the onus on me when I am using their application process that they have put in place?

Many thanks in advance for any guidance you may have regarding the wording of this policy.


Although this is not a definitive legal position, we feel that the terms and conditions are very standard approaches that appear in most privacy policies for online services. They form the standard for privacy policies for most companies and so should not be cause for concern.

Does the University allow gender segregation?

In light of Universities UK green lighting of gender segregation, , can our Exec categorically state whether or not they would impose such a policy at this institution?
We do not allow segregated events of any kind at Staffordshire University as it would contradict our equality policy.


Do staff have to submit annual leave for Friday’s closure?

Following Michael Gunn’s decision to close the University on midday last Friday, are staff expected to submit half day annual leave?


The decision taken on Friday to close the University facilities, lectures, tutorials and exams at midday was taken as a result of the worsening weather and travel conditions. Members of staff were asked to consult with their line manager with regard to their individual circumstances. You would not need to book annual leave if your early finish on Friday was agreed with your line manager in order for you to travel home safely.

What is the policy regarding Wednesday afternoons?

Hello, I would like to know the following:
What is the university’s policy regarding the scheduling of classes on a Wednesday afternoon whether mandatory or voluntary in their attendance?
Thank you.

Thank you for your getting in touch. The following has been agreed with Deans in relation to your question:

  • Scheduled teaching sessions for full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students should not normally take place on Wednesday afternoons, after 1pm;
  • Where there are compelling academic or logistical reasons why some classes or other module-related activities for specific programmes must be scheduled on a Wednesday afternoon, approval for this must be sought in advance from the Executive Pro Vice-Chancellor and, if approval is granted, the reasons for scheduling the session should also be clearly communicated in advance to the affected students;
  • Requests for exemption should be submitted for the programme as a whole, not piecemeal.


Is it possible to have signage stating ‘No smoking within 5 metres of the building’?

In response to ‘Perhaps marked lines will help the smoking situation?’

I thought the policy was that there was no smoking allowed within 5m of the buildings, not just the entrance.

At present people stand next to the building, and there are often open windows which the smoke blows into. Is it not possible to have signage up stating that there is no smoking within 5 metres of the building?

Thank you for your response.
There should be no smoking within 5m of building doors and windows and we will make sure that this is included when signage is being reviewed.

Can the university provide smoking shelters?

Can I suggest that we have a separate smoking shelter located away from the entrance of both the Beacon and Octagon buildings?

Purpose build shelters are certainly not expensive and from a health point of view I think essential to protect non smoking staff and students from any passive smoking risk.

I find it very annoying that as a non smoker I have to struggle my way through smokers to get into my work entrance. Also it cannot be very good for visitors to the site to have also to do the same.

The University has a no smoking policy which states that there should be no smoking within 5m of buildings, doors and windows – it is everyone’s responsibility to enforce and comply with this policy.

The University has no current plans to erect smoking shelters as it would be very difficult given the number of buildings that we have, to provide them in all of the locations that people would expect.

We have recently begun a review of the no smoking policy in light of the issues highlighted and intend to recommend a re-launch with some new signage to help us all enforce the policy and remind individuals who do smoke close to doors and windows that this is prohibited.